At Home Wellness Kit Pro for Dogs

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Too often, clients do not return for needed follow-up testing despite its importance in monitoring a patients’ chronic diseases, assessing response to treatment or for adjusting treatment plans. The CheckUp Pro Line targets the segment of your client population that for various reasons, do not come in as often as they should for monitoring, or come back for evaluation of treatments. This product line is not meant to replace in-clinic testing but rather to catch those who would not have returned and to engage and encourage them to do so if there are any abnormal results.


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• Help engage pet owners to be more active in pet’s wellness
• Bridge the gap between visits from diagnosis to follow-up treatment
• Keeps pet owners engaged and involved with their pet’s wellness plan
• Allows for clean, non-invasive urine sample collection at clinic or at home
• Encourages return visits and needed follow up testing and visits with closer monitoring by pet parents
• A tool for consistent monitoring of chronic conditions and treatment effectiveness and support the early detection of chronic conditions

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