Ollson’s Lush Green Feed 18kg


Olsson’s Lush Green Feed Block is designed for sheep and cattle grazing green pasture or fodder crops. It provides optimum conversion on high quality feeds. Green pastures are often described as “gutless” due to low levels of required minerals that may have been leached from the soil. Lush replaces many of these minerals, assisting the grazier to optimise the growth potential of the available feed.

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Place away from water source. Intake can increase or decrease depending several factors: available fodder,
life cycle of animal (pregnancy, calving, lambing, lactating etc), and weather conditions (e.g. cloudy, cold weather will increase the animal’s requirement of magnesium).

Consumption of this block may be high if the animals have had no other supplements made available (e.g. the use of Ewe Beauty or Herd Health will assist in lowering the animals' craving for minerals & vitamins).

Approximate intake: 50g/head/day
Cost/head/day: $0.15
Cost/head/month: $4.56

Approximate intake: 10g/head/day
Cost/head/day: $0.03
Cost/head/month: $0.91
*These numbers are approximate and are intended as a guide only. Consumption rates will depend on life cycle of the animals and the quality of the available feed. The cost is formulated assuming a retail price of $3.00/kg, however this price may vary based on location, stockest’s pricing, etc.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 25 × 23 × 23 cm



Animal Type

Goat, Sheep

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Goat Supplies, Sheep Supplies


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