Whistler Sunflower Block 590g


The Whistler Avian Science premium bird food range has been scientifically formulated for the needs of specific bird breeds; targeting the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for a happy and healthy pet or wild bird.


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Whistler Sunflower Block is perfect treat containing grey and black sunflower seeds and all the essential vitamins and minerals.

Along with the sunflower seeds it also contains wheat depending on the season. It should ideally be stored somewhere cool away from the direct sunlight. Whistler Sunflower Block is a treat for your bird and should not be given soley as their whole diet.

A great treat for your own or wild birds!

  • Contains black and grey sunflower seeds and wheat.
  • Easy to hang / hook
  • Suitable for birds who love sunflower seed
  • 100% Australian made

Ingredients: Grey Sunflower Seed. Black Sunflower Seed and Wheat

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