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Collagen is a vital building block for bones, joints, cartilage, connective tissue and blood vessels.

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The Benefits of Collagen For Dogs

Collagen is a vital building block for Dogs’ bones, joints, cartilage, connective tissue and blood vessels. CEN Dog Collagen Peptides may benefit joint health and mobility for dogs with joint issues, such as arthritis, or discomfort. Adding collagen to your dog’s diet may also help promote and support healthy skin, coat and digestive system, as well as improved appetite since it increases the palatability of food.

Collagen can also aid puppies and younger dogs with joint health as they grow and mature. It may reduce the risks of joint injuries as deficient collagen levels can leave dogs more prone to injury.

Key Features

  • Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Peptides
  • Ability to Regenerate Joint Health
  • May Help to Improve Mobility In Dogs Suffering Arthritis
  • Joint Injury Prevention
  • Provides a Strong Foundation for Healthy Skin & Hair
  • May Help with Leaky Gut Syndrome & Digestive Health
  • Australian Made
  • Suitable For Dogs of All Life Stages

Feed Rate

Bodyweight Feed Rate
Under 15kg 5g daily
Over 15kg 10g daily

Bone & Joint Health

One of the key benefits of collagen is its ability to regenerate joint health. Adding collagen to a dog’s diet while young can help their joint health through to their later years. Dogs with joint pain or arthritis conditions such as osteoarthritis benefit greatly from a quality collagen peptide product. Research has shown a reduction in lameness and an increase in mobility when collagen peptides is included in the diet daily.

Skin Health & Healthy Coat

You can help improve your dog’s appearance by feeding collagen. The dermis layer of your dog’s skin is mainly made of collagen, giving a strong foundation for healthy skin and hair growth.

Helps with Digestion and Digestive Health

Collagen is rich in the amino acid glycine, which plays a key role in their digestive system health. The leaky gut syndrome can affect dogs by increasing the risk of other health problems, including auto-immune, disease, allergies and temperament. Collagen can help repair and restore the gut lining to improve leaky gut conditions.

Joint Injury Prevention

Some dog breeds are more prone to injuries such as hip dysplasia or torn ligaments. Collagen makes up approx. 70-90% of a dog’s ligaments, tendons and muscles, and play an important role in ensuring the connective tissues stay flexible. Depleted collagen levels can leave the dog more prone to injury as they age.

Appetite & Palatable

Collagen can be added to any food, and being unflavoured, makes it highly palatable with all types of food and promotes a good appetite.

Typical Amino Acid Profile (per 10g)

Amino Acid (per 10g)
Alanine 990mg
Arginine 880mg
Aspartic Acid 605mg
Glutamic Acid 1100mg
Glycine 2530mg
Histidine 77mg
Hydroxylysine 55mg
Hydroxyproline 1518mg
Isoleucine 132mg
Leucine 275mg
Lysine 418mg
Methionine 66mg
Phenylalanine 193mg
Proline 1485mg
Serine 319mg
Threonine 193mg
Tyrosine 22mg
Valine 220mg


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